Creator and Founder of (Alpha Version) and (In Development).

They invent a new way of approaching the market for any investor by giving a novel global perspective for any portfolio, with a Google Search like interface.  If you invest in Crypto-currencies or the Stock Market, check them out.

I was the Tech Lead of a small team (2012-2018) who built Machine Learning Models and built advanced Predictive and Performance Analytics for Google AdWords. Our focus was on Conversion Optimization for all Search advertisers, that accounted for multi-billion dollar revenues.

(Smart Bidding)

Angel Investor

I invest in early stage companies. Some of my investments (all in the first F&F round) are:

PolicyGenius: The easy way to compare and buy insurance.
PennHaven: Changing the Private Equity model at a nano scale.

Cup To Cup: Improving discovery for the food industry and creating new boutique brands. 

Some guiding principles I use for investing.

Quantitative Finance

D.E.Shaw is one of the top Quantitative Hedge funds in the world and it was  a time of tremendous learning. I worked in the Algorithmic Trading for Equity Options group as a Quant Developer (2008-2012), helping with many aspects of trading, hedging, market making and risk aspects.   

This was my first time working in professional Finance and helped me to see a completely different way of objective investing and how to look at risk systematically.

DoubleTrust: Re-inventing web search

One of my weekend projects (DoubleTrust Websearch) was featured in Businesweek, TV (ABC News) and press across the world, and had 50,000+ within two weeks of releasing.

It combined the best of Google and Yahoo in one interface to offer a better tradeoff for many important search categories. I went back to my PhD instead of pursuing it as a full time venture.

See here for description, user feedback and press coverage.

Academic Research

Google Scholar Profile  
Research Resume (Google Doc)

At Northwestern University and outside, I have published numerous research papers at many top CS conferences. My research has been in the fields of:

🔶 Optimizing Distributed Systems Performance.
🔶 Parallel Computing: Automatic Optimization 
🔶 Distributed Virtual Machines
🔶 Very High Speed Network Traffic Techniques
🔶 Peer to Peer High Performance Search Algorithms

One of my papers was also included in the Princeton Course “Cool System Ideas: Inspirations from Theory” to illustrate a great example of theory combined with practice in Computer Science.

Joyfaces: Hacking Happiness

My brother and I did a novel community experiment in an Indian slum. We wanted to boost happiness for the slum residents (neglected by the mainstream) through the medium of photography. It was  hugely appreciated by the slum residents and one of the more memorable experiences we’ve had.

Check out all the details here:
Joyfaces: Taking Pictures, Spreading Joy

Computer Science

I have been programming since I was a kid and was introduced to QuickBasic by my uncle. It has become the dominant medium in my professional, academic and creative life. Please see some of my early projects here. They have somehow been very popular with Computer Science students and have even been published in Magazines for their relevant fields.

Fractal Compression:
Published in Dicover Magazine (2018) (Article - See monkey pictures at end) and Vice (2016). They used my undergraduate research to illustrate how Fractal Compression in Computer Graphics works.

Calendar antics
Check out one of the smallest calendar programs in C++  (all calendar logic inside a single expression) written during a high school coding session.


I recently authored a short book on Improving Performance and Risk for Regular investors (A Non Math Primer on Quantitative Finance). Please find it here. It has received received great reviews from every investor who has read it.

I like to write on multiple subjects. A recent article looked at the Crypto Currency space from a  Quantitative Perspective, offering numerous new insights into risk and diversification for professionals and institutions.

I have also authored numerous academic papers in multiple fields and at top conferences. Please see below.

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